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Classy glassy

beautiful blue cheers delicate drink eye-catching gift glass glasses light pretty stunning summer unique white

Summer is on it's way people!  The sun is starting to creep it's way through those familiar grey London clouds... In fact with all this warm weather, at Pipa we are feeling slightly parched...aren't you?  And what better way to serve some summertime drinks than in these new-in, vintage-coloured glasses.  We love the tranquil blues and whites - so so gorgeous, fresh and cool. These glasses are another favourite of ours - their little turquoise dimples are so heart-warming as they smile at us in all their glory. Glasses at Pipa make for some unusual and super stylish gifts. They...

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Light up

ambience candles fresh grey handmade home jars new pretty pure sticks subtle vintage wax

At Pipa, we just love to keep you all inspired and....well.... who doesn't love the excuse to light up candles?  These beautifully hand-made candles are now for sale and they are our latest obsession.They make gorgeous little gifts and can be used to create a cosy and uplifting ambience in the home. The colours are popping with purity and freshness - just looking at them make us instantly want a jar-full!

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50 shades of intense richness

blouses colour colourful gorgeous hues new pastel pretty prints season shop soft tee

Excuse the title but here at Pipa we just can't help but fall in love with our new season's zingy-shaded rail .  The shop is now currently bursting with colour! We have never seen so many tempting tones before and we are just dying to have one of our blushy-coloured tees to match our annoyingly rosy-winter cheeks. 

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