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Spending Summer in colour

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This May bank holiday we are feeling oh-so arty.      We’ve lost ourselves in the Pipa paradise of stationary and fashion – all super frivolous and fun!     The blooming flowers, the sweetest fruits, the colours of the nature that surround us in Little Venice are all things inspiring us this season.      So at this point, we strongly advise to stop with those dull, dark, grave and grey tones, and face forward to bright, clear and vivid ones.    These silky specials are one of our favourites at the moment.       Eek! Summer is indeed...

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It's an upcoming Spring thing

At Pipa, we are pretending that it is already Easter...   Now, because Spring is a time for renewal and change - we've made a few small adjustments...notice anything different?   Yes that's right - our cabinets have hopped from that wooden walnut finish into a stream of wondrous whites.  We've been so pumped for this season's new arrivals...Let us inspire you with some of our exciting Easter fashion picks: Go green with some grassy-tinged, glamorous goods Flow into London's (soon-to-be) sunlit streets with Mes Demoiselles Or splash into the new season with MiH jeans   We could go on...

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A Sunday dose of scarf inspiration

2014 beauty cashmere gifts heaven inspiration love obssessed scarf scarves seasons silk special sunday warmth winter

Can you tell what our favourite accessory is? might have guessed it... Pipa is somewhat of a scarf addict. In fact, we like to think ourselves as being a little scarf sanctuary. We are always convincing ourselves that we don't need another one, but hey who are we kidding? Being spoilt for choice here, we just find it too hard to resist!  Organizing and beautifying our scarves is always enjoyable...Their soft, cosy cashmere touch and their slippery, soapy silkyness means we just can't keep away! They will certainly be our Prints charming this Valentines day... A little taste into...

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A street chic look for (f)all

  At Pipa, our autumn accessories and winter jackets are coming thick, quick and super-slick! Here is some epic furry-fall and winter-wonderous inspiration for you all...     This Charlotte and Simone hooded-accent is like giving your old teddy bear a big, warm hug... It's super glamorous and certainly beats chilly London!       Keep nice and toasty whilst taking a rustled underfoot walk in this boxy humanoid jacket.     Or how about going on a spontaneous (and very stylish) rain ride in our new 'Unreal fur' coats. They have everything that a classic vintage piece would have...

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Bright like Summer

We Pipa peacocks of fashion know that adding a pop of primary colours to our week/weekend wardrobe is among the top fashion trends this Summer. Ohhhh, so no wonder we have found ourselves slowly gravitating towards all things bright, bold and of course beautiful this sweet sweet season. We even noticed a slight change in our mood...adding a bit of colour into our lives has actually made us feel fabulous! We strongly believe that you ladies can feel this way too...Why not paint the town red in this gorgeous cherry-kissed outfit?Or laugh gloriously in a pretty sunshine yellow?Electric blues are also beautiful for...

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