A Sunday dose of scarf inspiration

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Can you tell what our favourite accessory is?

Ok...you might have guessed it...

Pipa is somewhat of a scarf addict. In fact, we like to think ourselves as being a little scarf sanctuary.

We are always convincing ourselves that we don't need another one, but hey who are we kidding?

Being spoilt for choice here, we just find it too hard to resist! 

Organizing and beautifying our scarves is always enjoyable...Their soft, cosy cashmere touch and their slippery, soapy silkyness means we just can't keep away!

They will certainly be our Prints charming this Valentines day...

A little taste into the Pipa rainbow is our treat to you all this weekend...our scarves are pure energy in abundance.

Meet our detail of the day: this tie-dyed beauty...

Some of you might think we are slightly crazy with our stacked, cosmic collection of scarves, but you know what? At least we are all set for Winter and breezy Spring.

And let's be honest, a touch of Pipa and colour goes a long way...


Happy Sunday ladies! We're back off to silky scarf heaven.



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