New online store — gorgeous

50 shades of intense richness

blouses colour colourful gorgeous hues new pastel pretty prints season shop soft tee

Excuse the title but here at Pipa we just can't help but fall in love with our new season's zingy-shaded rail .  The shop is now currently bursting with colour! We have never seen so many tempting tones before and we are just dying to have one of our blushy-coloured tees to match our annoyingly rosy-winter cheeks. 

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2012 2013 beautiful candle gorgeous happy list nails new ring wish year

Dear 2012,  What an amazing and unforgettable year you have been! We are so incredibly grateful for so many things that you have brought us... But... We have one more teeny weeny favour to ask you (and we would be ever so thankful if you did it for us!) Pretty please, could you do it?! We promise we have been good! .... It's our wishlist for 2013: (And should you need any last minute inspiration, here is a lovely list of the new selection of goodies we like from Pipa...) 1) Some nail art pens to add some colour and...

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