White Spiral Glossy Pearl Candle
Spiral Gloss Candle
Olive Spiral Glossy Candle
 Twist Glossy Lilac Candle
Twist Candle Glossy Pink
Spiral Gloss Candle
Twist Candle Smoke Green
Spiral Gloss Candle
Twist Candle Bright Green
Twist candle Deep Blue
Twist candle glossy light green

Spiral Gloss Candle

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With their spiral shape and beautiful colours these candles aren’t just for burning. They make beautiful decorative pieces that add a burst of colour and style to your home. Combine with other shapes and colours to create a stunning tablescape or vignette. 

27cm height dia 2.6cm

Each candle is hand dipped with a gloss lacquered finish.

As these candles are handmade they may have small marks as part of the dipping process. These tiny imperfections are not seen by us as faults and add to the beauty of handmade craft. 

Unbleached cotton wick, free from lead and chemicals. 

 Before placing your candle in your candlestick, gently slice away a tiny amount at the bottom of the candle to fit it into your candle holder. To ensure that your candle stays fixed to your candle stick you can also melt a tiny amount of the bottom before placing it in the candle holder. Hold the candle in place till it cools down. 

Sold individually and does not include candlestick.